Hey guys! I am getting ready to bang dem drumz with Johnny Vatos and Oingo Boingo Dance Party this holiday season! Come on out and get your Boingo on with Oingo Boingo Dance Party’s “Naughty or Nice” Holiday Show  Sunday, December 30, 2018 at The Canyon in Santa Clarita! This show’s powerful set list will make you want to dance into 2019!

I am also excited to be playing drum set along with members of O.B.D.P. for a special “tribute” opening act! Come on out early, before the amps start to hum, and see this special, 2-part,  holiday edition of Oingo Boingo Dance Party!  I hope to see you there! – Thomas

**The following note is from legendary Oingo Boingo drummer, and band leader of Oingo Boingo Dance Party, Johnny Vatos:

Hello thomasondrums family, friends and fans! This upcoming Oingo Boingo Dance Party “Naughty or Nice” show will open with a tribute to one of my favorite bands from back in the KROQ days – The Waitresses! Oh, did I mention that back in those days, I had a crush on their lead singer, Patty Donahue! (God bless her – may she rest in peace). This tribute is for her.

This will be a crazy-fun opener, which will feature songs by The Waitresses, performed by members of my Oingo Boingo Dance Party family: Felice Hernandez on Lead Vocal, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps on Sax, Brian Swartz on Trumpet, Mike “The Spike” Glendinning on Guitar, Freddy (my son) Hernandez on Bass, and Thomas Lowrey on Drums! 

You fans that have been out to see Oingo Boingo Dance Party over these past 2 years have seen Thomas play 2nd drums and percussion next to my drums on stage.  He always brings musicality and his high-energy performances to our shows. This Waitresses set will feature Thomas on drums, performing out front of my riser, playing the hell out of his pdp drum kit! This should be an awesome show to see!  I cannot wait to watch this set myself!  So, come out early and catch this special, double shot of Boingo show! – Johnny Vatos