Thank you very much for checking out!  The last blog post was at the start of May, and since then I have been drumming all around Southern California, with different bands, and very different styles of music!  The highlight of May 2019 had to be “May Madness” and playing 2nd drums with Johnny Vatos and Oingo Boingo Former Members!  Those shows were a blast, and I had a great time behind the massive set up of drums that Vatos and I put together for me to attack those shows!

Pic above:  In the drum studio rehearsing the “May Madness” Oingo Boingo Former Members’ set with the man, Johnny Vatos!  This set up was massive, and a lot of fun to play.  Just like in the past, when I play with Oingo Boingo Dance Party, now known as ‘Oingo Boingo Former Members’ – 90% of the drums I use on stage are ‘Vintage Vatos’ and are the property of Johnny ‘Vatos’ Hernandez, the ONE and ONLY Oingo Boingo drummer!  I am humbled and honored to play these instruments on stage!

We were ready to drum!

Pic above:  All set up and ready for soundcheck at the first show, in Santa Clarita, California.  ‘May Madness’ was about to take off!

Pic above:  The drum dudes!  I am always honored to play drums with the man, Johnny Vatos!  Thank you, John!

Show Two was at ‘The Rose’ in Pasadena, California.  This was a cool show for me, as this is the same venue that I played my very first show with ‘Oingo Boingo Dance Party’ when I was just 13 years old, in the 8th grade.  This was my first time back playing in Pasadena since then, and it was a blast!

Pic above:  all set up at ‘The Rose’ in Pasadena!

Pics:  Performing with the great musicians in this band is just awesome!   In fact, I have literally grown up performing with this band and playing their classic music, which is so fun to play!  Check out Vatos’ T shirt!  Reppin’!

The next night, we played at the brand new venue,  ‘The Canyon’ in Montclair, California

Pics:  Just before showtime in Montclair, Mike ‘ The Spike’ Glendinning gathered us in for a photo!  Yeah man, we have FUN!

Montclair action above…

Pic above:  The fourth show of the “May Madness” Tour was at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California.  This show was a lot of fun, and it was great to see my sister, Kylie at the show too!  Here is a photo-op before soundcheck with Kylie and the great, Freddy Hernandez!  Always a lot of laughs with these guys!

My sister, Kylie,  is so supportive of me, and my journey with music!  Thank you, Ky!

Pic above: just before showtime at ‘The Canyon Club’ with these cool cats!  It is an honor to play with these amazing musicians! Freddy Hernandez, Mike ‘The Spike’, John Avila, Steve Bartek and Carl Graves!  

Pics above and below:  Vatos and I drumming in Agoura Hills.

The fifth show of ‘May Madness’ was back home for me, in Orange County, at The Coach House, in San Juan Capistrano!

The Coach House show was a really fun gig!  I think the crowd was the best we ever had there.  They were so into the music, and it made it so much fun to perform!  I saw so many friends and family at the show!  Thank you all for coming out!  It was also so special to have my drum teacher of the last 10- years, Rob Ferrell, at this show!  Rob is just the nicest guy in the world, and such a great teacher!  Yes, I started formal lessons with Rob when I was six years old! Thanks Rob!

Pic above:  Backstage before the show at The Coach House with Vatos and Rob Ferrell!  These guys have meant so much to me in my journey with the drums!  Mentors and friends.  I can’t thank them enough!

Above: The Coach House

The last show of the ‘May Madness’ Tour was at the world famous, Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood!  I was very excited to play there for the first time, because I really love the history of music, and therefore, I admire the history of that venue!  Man, so many musicians that I respect so much had played there before.  It was an honor to play on that stage for the first time with the members of Oingo Boingo Former Members! 

Pic above:  Backstage before the show with our lead singer, Brendan McKian!  Man, so many legends have been in this dressing room – it’s a mind melter!  Brendan and I had to take a pic in this famous dressing room!

Yes!  ‘May Madness’ rocked!  Thank you to all of my band mates for keeping me in time:  Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Steve Bartek, Brendan McKian, Carl Graves, Sam “Slugo” Phipps, John Avila, Felice Hernandez, Mike ‘The Spike’ Glendinning, Freddy Hernandez, Brian Swartz.  You guys ROCK!!

I could not end this blog post without saying that I want to thank my parents, Dan and Jana Lowrey for all they do for me each and everyday!  They have been so supportive of my journey with the drums and music, and I can’t thank them enough!  I love you mom and dad! – Thomas