Photo above: thomasondrums, 2022

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out! I have been so busy behind the drums, that I wanted to take a few minutes to catch you up on where my journey with music and the drums has taken me…

I have completed my freshman year at University of Southern California – Thornton School of Music, Popular Music Program.  I’ve really enjoyed working with my Professor of Drums, Mr. Will Kennedy (The Yellowjackets). I performed in four live shows at USC for the Pop Music Program thus far, with more to come, so stay tuned!

Photo Above: thomasondrums in a practice room at USC Thornton School of Music

Photo Above: Performing live with USC Thornton School of Music, Popular Music Program 

Seventh Wave Broke:

Photo above: The Seventh Wave band logo which was designed by my Uncle, Michael Lowrey & me, Summer 2021

I played drums on the Seventh Wave band released singles: “Hey You”, October 22, 2021 and “New Blood”. January 14, 2022.  I also performed in the Seventh Wave music video for “New Blood” that was shot at The Fox Theater in Fullerton, California.

Photos Above: Performing in the Seventh Wave music video: “New Blood” at The Fox Theater, Fullerton, California. Photo Credits/Thank you: Fred Zermeno.


In October of 2021, I was contacted by lead guitarist, Brinley Amicon and asked to audition to play drums in her new Blues/Rock band called, Vonan. I subsequently auditioned for Brinley at Sound Bite Studio in Los Angeles.  Following my audition, I was asked to join Vonan! I  have been writing and recording music with Brinley Amicon and bassist/keyboardist, Johan Carpenter. So, stay tuned for more music news from Vonan to come!

Photo above: Brinley Amicon –  she called me to audition for her new band, Vonan.  

Photo above: Brinley Amicon and Thomas Lowrey at Sunset Sound studios, Los Angeles, California, 2022


Photos above and below: Quinton Griggs, Thomas Lowrey and Marshall Via, 2022

On February 18, 2022 I auditioned to play drums with Quinton Griggs’ band at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California.  It was an exciting audition process to go through, and in the end, I was hired! I am excited to be playing music with Quinton and our lead guitarist, Marsall Via, who happens to be a USC Thornton School of Music Grad! Fight On!

Photo above: Thomas Lowrey and Quinton Griggs, 2022

Photo above: Show Bill for our first show

Photo above: My drum kit ready to go at Madam Siam, Hollywood. 

Photo above: Marshall Via, Quinton Griggs, Thomas Lowrey at Madam Siam, Hollywood, CA

Photo above: Quinton Griggs LIVE!

Quinton Griggs played our first live show together at Madam Siam in Hollywood, California on May 31, 2022.  We subsequently performed live on Idobi Radio, and for an All Saints live music production- both of those latter performances were video recorded and are pending release.  And more exciting news – we shot a music video in Los Angeles for a soon-to-be released single, “Anything Goes” – so stay tuned for that!

Photos above: Behind the Scenes at the music video shoot in Los Angeles for “Anything Goes.” By the way, the sweater I’m wearing in the video (not mine) was selected for me to wear by the on-set costume designer.  If it’s up to me, that won’t happen again…

Drummer Lunch:

Photo Above: Tony Torres and Thomas Lowrey

It was great to have lunch with Tony Torres, my drum teacher from Orange County School of the Arts!  Drummer’s Stick Together!

Next Live Show:

Photo Above: Show Bill for our next Quinton Griggs LIVE show! 

I’ll be banging drums with Quinton Griggs at “Bardot” in Hollywood, CA on August 22, 2022. I hope to see you there!

Photos above and below: LIVE at Bardot, in Hollywood, California

Photo Above: Thomas Lowrey, Quinton Griggs and Marshall Via at Bardot, in Hollywood, California 8/22/22.

“Anything Goes” 

Please check out the new single and music video for “Anything Goes” Out NOW!

FIVE Year – Endorsed Artist: Reloads of my signature Collision Drumsticks arrived just in time for some upcoming shows! “Impact Your Sound” with Collision Drumsticks! My thanks to Carlton Banks and the team at Collision Drumsticks – United Kingdom!


We kicked off the Landon Barker Birthday Concert at The Roxy – October 16, 2022

Photos above and below: LIVE at The Roxy

We’ll be opening some October shows for our friends, Beauty School Dropout – Hope to see you there!

Looking forward to coming HOME to Orange County for a gig at The Constellation Room!  Hope to see you there!

Photos above: LIVE at The Constellation Room, Santa Ana, California

Our double-bill with Beauty School Dropout became a late triple bill when we shared the stage for these October shows with Jager Henry – another cool band that you should check out! It was great to play a show so close to home in Orange County at The Constellation Room! A very special thank you to my parents, Dan and Jana Lowrey and my uncle, Michael Lowrey – and so many friends that came out to the show. Note: my uncle Mike is a huge Iron Maiden fan, so Marshall Via and I put together a surprise song transition with “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden just for him! We had so much fun playing it – we kept it in the set list for these shows!

Photos Above: LIVE at the Voodoo Room @ the House of Blues, San Diego, California. Special thanks to my friend, Jager Henry Bonham for the use of his drum kits at these shows!

It was great to bring some life back to the House of Blues in San Diego. Thanks to everyone who came out to support LIVE music! “Stay Classy San Diego” – we appreciate you!

Photos above and below: at the historic Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

Our last show of October 2022 at the Troubadour was exciting for all of us!  Thank you everyone! It was great seeing all of you there! We’ll see you again soon…

Photos Above: LIVE @ The Troubadour, West Hollywood, California

Photo Above: Alternate Troubadour Show Bill 

Performing LIVE with the University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music, Popular Music Program – sophomore year


I am excited to announce that I am playing drums for a new rock band out of Los Angeles, featuring Evan Stanley, Dakota Callen & Marshall Via. We have been in the studio recording original music and have played our debut live show at the Bardot in Hollywood, CA.

New music and live shows coming soon! Stay tuned…

Photos: LIVE with Evan Stanley and ALL WAVES

Photos above: All Waves LIVE in Hollywood, California (12/6/22)

Christmas 2022 Drum Studio hang with my two drum teachers, Rob Ferrell and Tony Torres! 


I remain humbled and always thankful to be blessed to continue on my journey with the drums. New music, new friends, new places and new faces – and on and on I go. In time, of course.

Photo above: thomasondrums

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Thank you again for checking out – I hope to see you at a show soon!