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thomasondrums: New Boingo Dates!

"Abracadabra-BOINGO-CHANGE-O!" Johnny Vatos' band name has changed from Oingo Boingo Dance Party - to - Oingo Boingo Former Members!   I am always very excited to bang dem drumz and perform live music with Johnny Vatos and the awesome musicians in this band! Check out the attached show bills for shows [...]

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – New Nick Perri Jam!

  Last Friday I had another awesome jam with professional lead guitarist, Nick Perri!  Nick is currently recognized as one of the top-tier guitarists in the world, and I am always humbled to get the chance to play with him! Nick is originally from Philadelphia, and started playing guitar at [...]

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – New Signature Sticks!

It is very cool and one of those things that I will always remember...seeing my first Thomas Lowrey signature drum sticks!  I want to thank Carlton Banks at Collision Drum Sticks - United Kingdom for his support on my journey with music and the drums!  Be sure to follow @collisiondrumsticks [...]

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thomasondrums: Next O.C.S.A. Show Dates!

I hope to see you this Friday & Saturday at the "Original Showcase!" -Thomas

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – “2019, Hit It!”

2019 started off behind the drums for me with two live shows at Orange County School of the Arts, Instrumental Music Conservatory - Commercial Music Program - at the Margaret A. Webb Theater in Santa Ana. The 'Giants of Rock 'n Roll' show was a tribute to the music of: [...]

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