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Thomas Lowrey is an American drummer from Southern California. He began formal drum lessons at age six, played his first live show at age ten, and made his pro stage debut at age thirteen. "I'd Rather Be Behind my Drums!" ®

thomasondrums: New Boingo Dates!

"Abracadabra-BOINGO-CHANGE-O!" Johnny Vatos' band name has changed from Oingo Boingo Dance Party - to - Oingo Boingo Former Members!   I am always very excited to bang dem drumz and perform live music with Johnny Vatos and the awesome musicians in this band! Check out the attached show bills for shows [...]

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – New Nick Perri Jam!

  Last Friday I had another awesome jam with professional lead guitarist, Nick Perri!  Nick is currently recognized as one of the top-tier guitarists in the world, and I am always humbled to get the chance to play with him! Nick is originally from Philadelphia, and started playing guitar at [...]

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – New Signature Sticks!

It was awesome to see my first signature drumsticks!  I want to thank Carlton Banks at Collision Drum Sticks - United Kingdom for his continued support on my journey with music and the drums!  Be sure to follow @collisiondrumsticks and @collisiondrumsticksuk on Instagram!  And don't wait to order yourself a [...]

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thomasondrums: Drummer’s Update – “2019, Hit It!”

2019 started off behind the drums for me with two live shows at Orange County School of the Arts, Instrumental Music Conservatory - Commercial Music Program - at the Margaret A. Webb Theater in Santa Ana. The 'Giants of Rock 'n Roll' show was a tribute to the music of: [...]

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