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“I have had the privilege of teaching Thomas Lowrey drums since he was 6 years old. During the course of our lessons, I have been amazed at his level of maturity and dedication. Even at the age of 6, Thomas showed a deep appreciation for the craft of drumming, and always showed up prepared.  Thomas is an animated drummer who puts himself into the music, and plays for the music.  He has dedicated himself to furthering his craft by learning all he can, as far as reading, technique, and styles are concerned.  I have been teaching drums for over 20 years; it is rare that I encounter a student this young who has this much hunger, dedication and maturity. He is a pleasure to teach, and I’m confident he can take his passion to the next level!”

Rob Ferrell (Rob Ferrell Drum Studio)

“Thomas is a talented drummer, and has a unique ear for the rhythm and sound of music!  -Very gifted!  And besides being a great drummer, Thomas is a great young gentleman that speaks to our youth through hard work and belief!”

Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger (Notre Dame Legend)

“I have seen libraries of videos sent to me of Thomas banging on the drums (impressively I might add) over the years.  But, when I saw the boy I’ve known since he was pup mount the percussion tomb of darkness, and whale the heads of thunder, keeping precise time, showing the world his talent – I saw the happiness and joy in his face!  Good job Thomas! Your hard work is paying off!  TRUE TALENT!”

James “Moldy” Moldenhauer (Thomas’ Security Staff Member)

” Thomas’ passion for learning and never-give-up attitude make him the ideal student.  There is never a plateau in his growth, thus giving every week’s lesson potential for something new. His fervent attitude towards the drum set allows me as an educator to not only teach songs and book lessons with him, but to also focus on artistic scope and nuanced technique. With this expanded learning, Thomas’ personality behind the kit has been able to shine through greatly.  I look forward to seeing his continued growth, because what Thomas knows- as what all of ‘the greats’ know- learning never stops!”

Anthony Vezirian (Los Rios Rock School)

“Thomas is one of the few drummers that is both a performer, and a musician.  When I first saw him play, I was reminded of how rare it is to truly love your instrument with such enthusiasm, that the crowd responds in kind!  His amazing high-energy playing and showmanship doesn’t outshine the fact that he has great ears, and plays to elevate his fellow band mates and the song at hand.”

Chris Bates (Co-Owner, Los Rios Rock School & Drummer for “The In-Between”)

“Thomas is a young man who has learned the relationship between hard work and success.  He also has fantastic social skills, which allow him to be outspoken and a great leader. He is the ultimate teammate.  He leads by example and supports the people around him. As he continues to grow, his attitude and work ethic, as well as his integrity and character will continue to let his skills shine.”

Nick Silver (Head Ice Hockey Coach O.C.H.C.)

“Thomas Lowrey is one of the more gifted young drummers I’ve had the opportunity to work with at LRRS.  His talent is matched by his enthusiasm/willingness to learn, as well as his on-stage energy. Clearly his first love is heavier, aggressive music, but he has also shown he can take on a variety of genres and feels. It will be great to watch him grow as a player as well as a person.”

Justin Norman (Los Rios Rock School)