Thanks to drumming legend, my friend, band leader (from Oingo Boingo Dance Party), and mentor, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez!  “Vatos” came to  Orange County School of the Arts – Commercial Music Conservatory prior to our “70’s Soul Jam” live performance on January 19, 2018!  It was so cool of him to wish the entire cast good luck, and then come to see our CM Drum Lab for a photo op with the Commercial Music drummers!  I wanted to let my CM family know that “Vatos” told me following the performance, how much he enjoyed the show!  Great job everyone! – Thomas

Photo Op drummers from left to right: Albert Bushala, Elijah Vann, Heather Sizlo, Kai Longridge, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Tony Torres, Thomas Lowrey, Ryan Mangalindan, Caleb Tischbern.