In the past year and a half since this web site launched, I have really enjoyed receiving  comments and questions via e-mail, social media and YouTube, from people that I know, and people that I have never met. Thank you all for checking out! I appreciate the support, and I hope to see you all at a show very soon! I always love talking drums and music!

I have decided to give my first-ever thomasondrums interview to people that are special to me: My uncle, Michael Lowrey and my 10-year old cousin, Nolan!  Nolan is a 5th grader at Seltice Elementary School in Post Falls, Idaho!  Here we go:

Q: A drummer’s job in a band has been called the “back beat” or the “time keeper.”  What do you call it?

A: “I agree with both of them! How about ‘The Rhythm Section!’ In fact, the drummer and the bassist are key to it.  Keeping time is the #1 job of the drummer. Without it, the song falls apart.”

Q: How would describe your approach to practice vs. a live show?

A: “Practice is all about preparation.  Right now, I have 3 drum teachers (Rob Ferrell, Bryan Lubeley & Tony Torres), all of whom are awesome! We work on reading, rudiments, limb independence, speed control, etc. Prior to live shows, I work on set list songs. For months, I play the set list multiple times per week. When I get about 10 days out of a show, I will play each set song 2-3 times daily, and commit them to muscle memory.  At a live show, I don’t want to think – I want to play. I want to perform naturally. In fact, when I played on the USS Iowa, due to technical issues, I had no monitor, and had to play the show only being able to hear the bass, and by watching the lead guitarist’s chord changes…the rest was by muscle memory!

Q: How do you go about getting people to “take you seriously” as a drummer of your age?

A: “By being prepared when I am called to play.”

Q: If you could fill-in as a drummer for 3 bands right now, who would you pick?

A: (laughs) “Well, right now I would say, ‘Thundercat’, ‘Animals as Leaders’ and ‘Volumes.’ But, that’s because I am really into those bands at the moment!”

Q: What are your favorite live shows that you have seen?

A:  “Man, I would have to think…I have been lucky to have seen some awesome shows! But, my top-3 picks would have to be, Slipknot at the L.A. Forum, Gojira at the House of Blues, Anaheim and Animals as Leaders at the Wiltern.”

Q: I know you played ice hockey for years, what do you like to do when you are not ‘Behind your Drums?’

A: “Oh, I am very boring! If I’m not drumming, I’m spending time with my dog, Honey. Maybe watching YouTube drumming videos, or watching movies.  In the summer, I like to swim or go to the beach. I used to play “Call of Duty” and other video games, but there is just no time, so I put that aside for now.  I do miss playing ice hockey, but there would be no time, hockey is as big of a commitment as being in rock bands!”

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: “That would make me a Freshman in college.  I would like to attend a top-rated music school, or be with a great band touring the world!”

Q: If you were on a World Tour, which country would you like to see?

A: “I would love to visit as many countries that I can!  But, I would love to play at some of the those huge, outdoor rock festivals, like Download or Rock in Rio!  Those would be awesome!  With a little luck…maybe.”

Thanks to Uncle Michael & Nolan Lowrey for putting this together for me! You guys rock! – Thomas