Thanks for visiting! As usual, I have been staying really busy with my drumming! Since my last news update, I recorded 11 tracks at Sunset Sound Studio #1, in Hollywood, California. Information on that project will be coming soon! I also performed live at the Fonda Theater, also in Hollywood, California at the “Strange 80’s” Sweet Relief Benefit concert. That show was really exciting! We played a classic 80’s metal song, and got to share the stage with so many talented musicians, including Corey Taylor, Jane Wiedlin, Jack Black and so many more! Most recently, I performed live with the LRRS Red Group at M3 Live in Anaheim, California. This summer, I am working with Ryan Poppy (Bass) and Julia Lane (Lead Guitar) on some of our own music! The creative process, and playing our instruments is always a great way to spend our time. I hope to have some more news soon! -Thomas