In the past year and a half since this web site launched, I have really enjoyed receiving  comments and questions via e-mail, social media and YouTube, from people that I know, and people that I have never met. Thank you all for checking out! I appreciate the support, and I hope to see you all at a show very soon! I always love talking drums and music!

I have decided to give my first-ever thomasondrums interview to people that are special to me: My uncle, Michael Lowrey and my 10-year old cousin, Nolan!  Nolan is a 5th grader at Seltice Elementary School in Post Falls, Idaho!  Here we go:

Q: A drummer’s job in a band has been called the “back beat” or the “time keeper.”  What do you call it?

A: “I agree with both of them! How about ‘The Rhythm Section!’ In fact, the drummer and the bassist are key to it.  Keeping time is the #1 job of the drummer. Without it, the song falls apart.”

Q: How would describe your approach to practice vs. a live show?

A: “Practice is all about preparation.  Right now, I have 3 drum teachers (Rob Ferrell, Bryan Lubeley & Tony Torres), all of whom are awesome! We work on reading, rudiments, limb independence, speed control, etc. Prior to live shows, I work on set list songs. For months, I play the set list multiple times per week. When I get about 10 days out of a show, I will play each set song 2-3 times daily, and commit them to muscle memory.  At a live show, I don’t want to think – I want to play. I want to perform naturally. In fact, when I played on the USS Iowa, due to technical issues, I had no monitor, and had to play the show only being able to hear the bass, and by watching the lead guitarist’s chord changes…the rest was by muscle memory!

Q: How do you go about getting people to “take you seriously” as a drummer of your age?

A: “By being prepared when I am called to play. For example, when I was invited by Johnny “Vatos” to join ‘Oingo Boingo Dance Party’ in pro-live shows, I was 13-years old. Johnny “Vatos” and I got together and rehearsed the drums/percussion parts together.  However, I never rehearsed, or had even met, the other 11 members of the band! In fact, I later learned that all “Vatos” had told the band was that he was “bringing in a teenager to play percussion.” I later learned that they assumed I was at least 19! When they met me backstage prior to my first show, they all looked at me strangely, and would ask me, “Are you Thomas?” and would look like, “what is this little kid doing here!” But, after our first sound-check together on stage, followed by my first 3-shows with them, I was told by “Vatos” that I “turned the heads of everyone in the band” and “earned their respect.”

Q: If you could fill-in as a drummer for 3 bands right now, who would you pick?

A: (laughs) “Well, right now I would say, ‘Thundercat’, ‘Animals as Leaders’ and ‘Volumes.’ But, that’s because I am really into those bands at the moment!”

Q: What are your favorite live shows that you have seen?

A:  “Man, I would have to think…I have been lucky to have seen some awesome shows! But, my top-3 picks would have to be, Slipknot at the L.A. Forum, Gojira at the House of Blues, Anaheim and Animals as Leaders at the Wiltern.”

Q: I know you played ice hockey for years, what do you like to do when you are not ‘Behind your Drums?’

A: “Oh, I am very boring! If I’m not drumming, I’m spending time with my dog, Honey. Maybe watching YouTube drumming videos, or watching movies.  In the summer, I like to swim or go to the beach. I used to play “Call of Duty” and other video games, but there is just no time, so I put that aside for now.  I do miss playing ice hockey, but there would be no time, hockey is as big of a commitment as being in rock bands!”

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: “That would make me a Freshman in college.  I would like to attend a top-rated music school, or be with a great band touring the world!”

Q: If you were on a World Tour, which country would you like to see?

A: “I would love to visit as many countries that I can!  But, I would love to play at some of the those huge, outdoor rock festivals, like Download or Rock in Rio!  Those would be awesome!  With a little luck…maybe.”

Thanks to Uncle Michael & Nolan Lowrey for putting this together for me! You guys rock! – Thomas