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About Thomas:

Thomas Lowrey is an American Drummer, born in 2003. He literally began holding drum sticks as a baby, and hasn’t let go!

It’s just another day in Southern California, and Thomas sits down behind his drum kit. He plugs in his ear protection, picks up his sticks, and he’s off into his comfort zone. This is the same place he’s been since before he could walk, or read, or play sports. “I’d Rather Be Behind My Drums!” is his motto, and when you watch him play the drums, you can see why!

Thomas Lowrey has been playing the drums since he was handed a set of drum sticks at 8 months old. He began formal drum lessons, at age 6, before he could reach the foot pedals.  He has played drums in Live Performance Groups with the Tustin School of Rock, at the NAMM show, in Downtown Disney, in the Swallow’s Day Parade and with Los Rios Rock School.  Thomas made his professional stage debut, at age 13, with Oingo Boingo Dance Party! Thomas currently attends Orange County School of the Arts, as a drummer in the Commercial Music Conservatory.

Thomas was born premature, at only 28 weeks, 5 days gestation. He spent the first 2 months of his life in the Neo Natal ICU at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Thomas weighed as little 2 pounds, 14 ounces, and fought hard to survive. Babies born that early have underdeveloped lungs, which was the primary issue for Thomas. The doctors, nurses and staff at CHOC saved Thomas’ life.  After 2 months in NICU, Thomas was able to go home. Six months later, a Physical Therapist was assigned to work with Thomas. The therapist would hand Thomas objects to hold to work on his dexterity. At about 8 months old, Thomas’ dad handed him a set of drum sticks to hold. Thomas immediately held them properly and began to bang on toys and objects to make sounds, which would make Thomas smile! Thomas’ dad would also hold him on his lap at the drum set. Thomas would reach out and hit the drums and cymbals, and the noise they made would make Thomas smile even more!

Thomas progressed and grew healthy, with no ill effects from his premature birth. He drummed everyday! By the time Thomas was 4 years old, he could play an impressive single stroke roll. By age 5, Thomas was trying to play along to songs, but he was too small to reach the foot pedals!  At age 6, on Thomas’ first day of First Grade, he began formal drum lessons at Rob Ferrell Drum Studio, in Mission Viejo, California. Rob immediately began to teach Thomas the basic rudiments of drumming as well as reading music. Thomas has continued his lessons with Rob Ferrell weekly and to-date!

At age 8, Rob Ferrell began posting videos of Thomas on YouTube and through his web site.  Thomas was playing 13- minute drum solos, and his favorite hard rock music. At age 9, Thomas was impressing Rob Ferrell with his focus, and ability to learn a new song very quickly.

Rob Ferrell told Thomas’ parents he was “ready to play with live bands.”

At age 10, (after 4 years at Rob Ferrell Drum Studio), Thomas attended a drum seminar in Hollywood, California with Shannon Larkin, the drummer for the band, Godsmack. That demo really inspired Thomas to work even harder with his practices, and he was more focused, on a path toward his goal of playing the drums professionally!

At age 10, Thomas played his first live performance shows with School of Rock, Tustin, California. Thomas came alive on stage! He knew he was meant to play the drums!

At age 11 Thomas was the Featured Artist (for over a year), for “Custom Stix Drumsticks” website!

In March of 2015, Thomas had a private lesson at Uncommon Studios, in North Hollywood, California with Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, and others). Kenny worked with Thomas on drum set technique, and talked with Thomas about what he calls the “cake and glue” of drumming.

In October 2015, Thomas had a private lesson with Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez (Oingo Boingo/Oingo Boingo Dance Party). “Vatos” taught Thomas about drumming balance and keeping time. He told Thomas, “the most important part of playing time isn’t getting there on time, but preparing on time.” Little did Thomas know that this meeting with “Vatos” would lead to something bigger, only one year later!

In February 2016, at age 12, Thomas left the School of Rock, and took his talent to the Los Rios Rock School in San Juan Capistrano, California. He was immediately placed in their “Advanced Live Red Group”, and was performing in a live show within 3 weeks of his arrival there!  Thomas also played drums on their float in the Swallow’s Day Parade! That same month, Thomas jammed live with Nick Perri, lead guitarist of the band, Mount Holly!

In April 2016, Thomas’ web site, thomasondrums.net was created!

In October 2016, at age 13, and one year after he met Johnny “Vatos”, Thomas made his pro stage debut, performing in 3-live shows with Oingo Boingo Dance Party!

On January 3, 2017, Thomas’ web site slogan, “I’d Rather Be Behind My Drums!” became a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

In 2017, aside from the LRRS “Advanced Live Red Group” shows, Thomas has also performed in the LRRS’ “Classic Album – Van Halen” shows, where Thomas plays the entire 1978 debut Van Halen album!

In March of 2017, Thomas auditioned for and was accepted into Orange County School of the Arts, Commercial Music Conservatory, where he will begin high school in August of 2017. He is so thankful and excited to continue his journey with music at OCSA!

Most recently, Thomas was named the LRRS’ “Metal Group” drummer (shows coming soon)! On May 5, 2017,  now age 14, Thomas played in his 4th live pro show with Oingo Boingo Dance Party!  And, in May of 2017, Thomas performed with LRRS in the “Strange 80’s” Sweet Relief Benefit concert at the Fonda Theater, in Hollywood!

You can follow Thomas’ journey with music here, on thomasondrums.net and also on Instagram@thomasondrums

Message from the artist: “Thank you all for visiting thomasondrums! I love music, playing the drums and performing! I hope to see you at a show soon, and please come say hello! I love talking drums!” -Thomas

My Journey

My Teachers

Thomas has studied under some great drum teachers, including:

Rob Ferrell has been my drum teacher and mentor at my weekly drum lessons since Sept. 10, 2009. Rob is a professional drummer who taught me the fundamentals of drumming: the rudiments and how to read music. Rob has given me so many tips, and weekly advice about things to try to improve my drumming!  He is always positive and supportive!

Rob toured with his band, ‘Scotland Yard’ (and others), and still plays professionally when not teaching. In 1995, Rob was named “Country Music Drummer of the Year” by the CA Country Music Assoc.

Rob is a co-founder of “the Professional Drum Teacher’s Guild of America”. He was featured in ‘Modern Drummer’ magazine in May of 2000. And in Nov. 2015 Modern Drummer magazine’s ‘Dom Famularo’s Teacher’s List’, Rob was listed as one of the best drum teacher’s in the world! Check out Rob at his website: Rob Ferrell Drum Studio!

Anthony Vezirian graduated from The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music in 2011 with a degree in the percussive arts and has been teaching and performing ever since.
Anthony has performed in concert halls and venues across the US, Scandinavia, and Western Europe. On top of playing and teaching Drums, Anthony also is a songwriter and composer

My Gear

I play Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, DW Pedals, Remo Drum Heads & Collision Drumsticks !

My Influences

Thomas is inspired by these awesome drummers and musicians:
Peter Criss, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, Kenny Aronoff, Shannon Larkin, Mike Wengren, Herman Rarebell, Joey Jordison, Jeremy Spencer, Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Ray Luzier, Alex Van Halen, Lars Ulrich, Tommy Aldridge, Stewart Copeland, Carter Beauford, Tre Cool, Thomas Lang, Mario Duplantier… and more !

My Media:

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News Updates:


The latest news from my Blog.

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Quotes and Tips from Pros:

“Awesome! Great Musical Intuition!”
Anthony Vezirian, Los Rios Rock School:
“The hi-hat, kick and snare are the ‘cake’… but, the hi-hat is the ‘glue!'”
Kenny Aronoff, Professional Musician:
“The most important part of playing time is not getting there on time – it’s preparing on time.”
Johnny Vatos Hernandez, Professional Musician:
“When you form a band, be selective. Surround yourself with the most talented people …and that you all get along.”
Nick Perri, Professional Musician:
“It starts with a dream- and it is always too soon to quit! ”
Rudy Ruettiger, Notre Dame Legend:
” If you can dream it – You can do it”
Walt Disney
” If you’ve got a problem, take it out on a drum”
Neil Peart